Self defence gone sour

Many Kenyans living in the crime-riddle frontier regions blame the goverment for not doing enough to protect its citizens from militants.

This is the story of one Salim Omar,a kenyan citizen from Lamu county ,who was caught on 6th of November 2016 along Mombasa-Malindi Highway for illegal possession of handguns(pistol and revolver).

Salim aged 17 was taken to Mombasa Law courts,tried and accused of possession without permit,license and possession by minors.

According to the public prosecuter,states restrict access to handguns in a variety of contexts;following the federal law,Kenya restrict access to handguns by minors;people convicted of felonies or certain other crimes and people with certain mental health adjudications.

Salim pleaded guilty before the judge before his honor gave his verdict .He was sentenced to two years inprisonment with a fine of upto ksh 80000.

The mother to the young boy pleaded for mercy requesting the court to have mercy on her only son claiming that she struggles to raise her son single handedly.”Salim is a top performer in form three at a local school in Malindi and had travelled to Mombasa to visit his cousins,”the mother added.Unfortunately the law had to take its course.



Kennedy Ombima widely known as Rabbit King Kaka is a kenyan rapper with a unique taste of poetry and spoken word. Besides music, King Kaka is a video director and an executive producer.
The poet reveals his career journey to the over 10 thousand youths gathered at Mombasa sports club on the 15th of October 2016  the BLAZE BYOB Summit.
From the hustles and bustles in the streets of Nairobi Eastlands, the mr 254  celebrity has gone through thick and thin to be where he is today. Apart from donating his music Cds to conductors in Nairobi, King Kaka also didnt give in to challenges like several fails, boos, criticism, rejection and let downs from  media organizations, friends and family.
Rabbit, a degree holder in Accounting, is currently the CEO of Kaka Empire, Majic water, Yoh fm(an online radio station), Kaka Cup, Kaka Empire Dj academy, KingKaka Clothline and  he is also a lecturer at Zetech University.

  • The father of two daughters is a role model to many youths in Eastern and central Africa who during the Blaze BYOB Summit mentored the audience to embrace the idea of making money through the chain. He shared the tips and what it took of him to be where he is to the eager audience before administering a thrilling live performs that left all and sundry psyched and entertained especially his latest hit song ‘Mr 254’ which hit the crowd with a bang.

Tum Premier league 

Tum premier league is an annual league played every season involving all the three campuses of Technical university of Mombasa.

It brings together all the soccer lovers (male and female) who uses the platform for talent exploitation, showcasing skills, entertainment and exposure.

It began several years ago with the Muslim Union as the pioneers of the the great soccer tournament that is used as a way of constructive interaction of the campuses of Tum.

The winner of the league carries home ksh 20000, first runners up ksh 15000 and the second runners up ksh 10000.

Opening the league officially this year was the Dean of Students who encourage fair and friendly competition among players and fans. He advocated for peace and unity among players, referees and other students claiming that irregularities and fishy behaviors shall be dealt with at the administrative level.

Talking to the secretary of the organising committee, one mr Mandela says that the body was elected fairly and promises that this time round the league shall experience new events and schedule. He confirms that instead of a whole semester league, this time round there would be a tournament that shall only run for a fortnight . This is to allow time for other events which might engage similar league partcipants.